JUMPSTART! programs – do literally that! They JUMPSTART you into being inspired and into action in any area where you are stuck! 

Do you ever experience any of the following?…..

You know what it is that you want to do, yet you start, stop, start, stop and then give up.

You think you don’t know what to do or you find that you are out of ideas and feel like you have no choices left. 

You have pushed aside, put on the self or lost your inspiration about something that really meant a lot to you.

There is stuff  hanging over your head.
You are are just plain stuck in these areas of your life:
>Dating and having the relationship you have always wanted
>Loosing those extra pounds and/or getting and feeling healthy
>Earning more money and/or changing your job or career
>Writing a book, playing the guitar, painting that painting
>Cleaning out clutter, filing those not yet filed taxes
>Any other area of your life where you are stuck or that is not working for you!
 When you do JUMPSTART! you will leave with……
>Access to aspects of yourself that you thought you had lost along the way or that you never knew you had!
>The ability to recognize choices that you didn’t know existed
>A list of actions to take in your life
>A set of tools to inspire you every day
>A community to support you as you move forward
Participants say it best:

 JUMPSTART! made a huge impact on moving forward in my business. Before the workshop I had wanted to start blogging, but was hesitant because I was worried about other peoples opinions. After JUMPSTART! I felt confident and ready; now I’m blogging all the time about female reproductive health. The creative processes we used left me with ongoing tools that give me the courage to move forward, and when I go into a spin the ability to get right back into action!  ~ L.Giordano, 46

JUMPSTART! was a very effective tool for re-activating whatever I needed to get activated!  For a long time prior to doing JUMPSTART! I felt dried up. My voices, (inspiration) had stopped “talking” to me. After our one day workshop I felt fluid again, creative “juicy”. I started writing a novel, that I had wanted to write for a very long time and never did! Both Jane, and Linda are fabulous. They provide all the stimulus and nurturing I needed to get re-started!J Bailey, 60


Yes… WE have  also JUMPSTART!ed our own lives…..

Jane was at 50 years old, alone, a heavy smoker, overworked at a job that she disliked, living in a rental apartment in an area she didn’t like–just REALLY unhappy and living a life she did not want.
And then…….
She bought her own apartment in a neighborhood she loved, got married for the first time at 56, went back to school to train and get certified as a coach, quit smoking (which for her was harder than getting married!)                                              

Linda also JUMPSTART!ed her life. After her agency lost funding for her position of ten years, at 50 years old, she found a wonderful part time University job, and simultaneously started, and has grown her own business. She is now more successful than ever before!

Now the two of us, will guide you in a fun and creative way – to JUMPSTART! your life! 

Our JUMPSTART! events are truly unique experiences, here’s why…

We get together in person

The groups are kept small and intimate – no more than 4 women….

You will get lots of individual attention from both of us, Jane Harris NYU Certified Coach and Linda Turner, Licensed Art Therapist/ Psychotherapist and Coach.

Give yourself a gift! Experience yourself in a whole new way. Get released from old patterns, beliefs, hurts and disappointments that are not serving you. All offered with huge helpings of  love, creativity, compassion, fun, discovery and community! 

You can register now below for our next JUMPSTART! event.

Upcoming Workshop
Saturday September 9, 2017 
1pm – 4pm
41 Union Square West @ 17 Street and Broadway, (accessible via the L, N, R, Q, W, 4, 5, 6 and not far from the F, M, 1, 2, 3  trains)

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Thank you. We look forward to meeting you!

Jane and Linda